Wow. There are people out there that love Dancing England, and we most certainly love you too.

Dancing England poster 1982

artwork by Rick Scollins

In the first 24 hours of our crowdfunding campaign, you have so far contributed £580 towards our £2000 target. This is a fantastically generous 29% of our total, with 16 contributions. Thank you so much.

You can find out more about helping Dancing England by clicking –

The campaign closes on the 24th June, but we hope to have hit our target before then.

Just to recap then; a £40 contribution gets you 1 guaranteed ticket with early entry (best seat in the house!) and a free programme. Plus you’ll be sleeping in your bed safe and sound, guilt and shame-free, knowing that you’ve massively helped Dancing England take place once more. We will then call you a “Patron of Dancing England” and will totes love you forever.

If you felt unable to contribute that amount, then you could contribute £10. This gets you the moniker; “Supporter of Dancing England”, a big virtual hug from the team and a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that you’ve helped Dancing England happen again.

Both types of contribution earn a mention online and in the programme.

The venue capacity is 600 strong and we’ve received several emails about when tickets are going on sale. We hope the response to ticket sales is popular! Remember, if you’re a Patron of Dancing England, you get a guaranteed ticket. There’ll be no danger of missing out.

If you just wanted to help online, then you can click to the campaign and hit the “Share” buttons to spread the message through Facebook or Twitter, whichever is your favoured persuasion.

Please Like and Share folks, Like and Share.

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