Two more teams for Dancing England, plus just 150 tickets left. Missing out equals a sad face.

Over the weekend the ticket sales for Dancing England galloped over the 2/3rds line, leaving about 150 left to buy. We really don’t want you to miss out, so please visit the Tickets page to buy yours. Remember that you won’t get a ticket through the post, just print off and bring along the PayPal email receipt. that will get you in.

Horwich, from their Facebook page

The next time to whet the appetite is of the North West persuasion, we are very pleased indeed to welcome Horwich Prize Medal Morris Men to Dancing England.

This team of chaps in clogs graced the stage at Dancing England in 1981, along with that well-known traditional dance; the Artichoke Pipe Dance.

Founded in 1891, the team was first trained by Mr. Harry Barlow and made their debut at the 1892 Rose Festival. In 1893 they won a major competition in Rochdale winning the princely sum of 2 guineas. A currency Mr. Vincent Rutland remembers well, him being so old and all that. I digress, as in 1906 at the Sowerby Bridge Rushcart, Horwich were described as “World Champions”. A feat much to be admired, although sadly no cups or medals will be awarded at Dancing England.

Much more information on Horwich can be found on their website, do take a look.

Toby Bennett

Toby Bennett from his website

Crossing codes now, but still with a wooden soled footwear theme, we would like to introduce to you a Mr Toby Bennett. Toby is a dancer and dance teacher specialising in traditional step dance, particularly the rich traditions of English step clog. His dancing combines energy, attack and speed with lightness and fluidity – he has performed and taught widely including Europe, Egypt and the USA.

He is a previous winner of SCID (Stepping Contest In Derby) in 1987 and remembers the original run of dancing England.

Until next time folks, with another couple of acts on our rosta!


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