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2 days to go until Dancing England gets rebooted. 25 tickets left. Plus ceilidh details too.

We know, that’s come round quick. Edwin is now mainlining the caffeine, and Phil has moved onto the milk chocolate Hobnobs. Very dangerous times. But the programmes have arrived and so have the wristbands, we’re sure you’ll be pleased to hear.

25There are now just 25 tickets left for this event, please click to the Tickets Page to ensure you don’t miss out. £18 full price and £13 for concessions, please do be honest when buying your tickets. The email you receive from PayPal will be your ticket, so do print it off when you come along. It’ll be great to see you.

NB – we’ll be putting up the price for door entry to £20 and £15 on the night.

After all the teams have danced, it’ll be your turn. And we have a cracking ceilidh band for you; the Will Pound Ceilidh Band. Fronted by our very talented eponymous hero, he’ll be joined by the equally skilled Rosie Butler-Hall, Dan Bones, Nick Hayes and last, but by no means least; Manny Grimsley. The legendary caller that is Fee Lock will be guiding you through the dances and ensuring you have a bloody good time.


from www.licencetoceildih.co.uk

Meanwhile over in the main Ballroom, a chap by the name of Ed Johnson will be leading a French Bal session. There will be calls of Bouree, Polka, and Waltz. Basically whatever you fancy. There’ll be sessions in the bar too, as long as people bring their instruments! That’s a not so subtle hint BTW.

2 days to go, can’t wait until Saturday. Unless you’re a Patron, your entry time is 5:30pm. The dancing will be done by 9:30, then it’s ceilidh time!

A Dancing England update, being social, photos needed and the first acts have said yes

Dancing England poster 1985

artwork by Rick Scollins


43 amazing people have contributed a very generous £1570 towards our crowdfunding project, that’s 78% of our £2000 target and we’ve just 16 days left to go.

Or in other words, just over two weeks of funding updates and polite requests for a contribution left to go.

The link to assist with the project is – https://igg.me/at/dancingengland/x/12399537 if you’d be up for continuing to seeing Dancing England rise again. Perks are available!

Liking and Sharing the Facebook Page and our regular updates is key to spreading the word and is much appreciated. Perhaps you could download this PDF  What is Dancing England and email it to all your folkie and trad dance friends and contacts? Or invite people to Like the Page?

In other news, we’ve had a yes from some morris men types, and a very nearly yes apiece from a Longsword team and a rather unique English clog team. A ceilidh band with some most excellent names has been sorted too. Plenty yet to do and more updates to come. We’ll release act names in due course. Tenterhooks we know.

And finally, we’re still on the hunt for photos and the like from 1979 to 1987, if you have anything in the loft or in an old photo album, please dig it out and share it with us? We’ll credit you of course.

Please do keep coming back and reading our updates. It’s appreciated!

Until next time