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Appearing at #DE2017, the Bampton Traditional Morris Men and Seven Champions Molly. 20 more tickets sold over the weekend!

Onwards and upwards, well through the roster of committed acts for Dancing England 2017 anyways!

Appearing at the very first Dancing England in 1979 and with a repeat appearance in 1983, are the claimants of 600 years of morris dancing history; Bampton Traditional Morris Men.

Bampton Traditional Morris Men

Bampton (their website)

Claims have often been made that the performance of Morris dancing in Bampton at anything up to six hundred years. While this may actually be true, there is simply no evidence to support such a claim. The first written reference discovered (so far, at least) occurs as late as 1847, although that source clearly indicates that the performances by the dancers were a regular annual feature of Bampton life at that date.

Further evidence, less precise but none the less convincing, can be teased from the names of men known to be dancers. Two of these were born in the 1770’s, and given that men typically joined the dance set when aged about eighteen or twenty, it seems logical to assume that there had been Morris performances in Bampton during the 1790’s. To read more of their history, please click to their WEBSITE.

Moving steadily eastwards to the Fens of Norfolk via Kent, we introduce to you; Seven Champions Molly. Veterans of Dancing England 1986 and world renowned treacle miners

Seven Champions Molly

Seven Champions Molly (their website)

Formed in 1977 with the ambitious but slightly vague aim of “being the best Morris dance side in the country”, the Seven Champions started life with the Mummers Play that gave them their name and a rough reel dance. This was followed by extensive research into what was known about Molly dancing – at that point a highly obscure (and as far as they knew at the time) undanced tradition hailing from the Fens and danced in Winter by out of work ploughboys.

It quickly became clear that there were a lot of gaps in the knowledge of what Molly dancing was and that gave the Champions a golden opportunity to reinvent, imagine and create the best possible combination of tradition and street entertainment. Again, above text shamelessly purloined from their website, click HERE to carry on reading.

And finally, another 20 tickets sold over the weekend, do make haste if you want to come along! Tickets are online purchases and are available HERE.

Another Dancing England update, tickets now on sale, and disabled access news

Evening all, apologies it’s been a bit quiet of late. It’s due to a combination of babies, holidays, folk festivals and the like. Please be rest assured though that things have been ticking along lovely in the background. So here’s a timely update for you.

Dancing England 2017 (18th February) at Sheffield City Hall will welcome the following confirmed acts and teams amongst others;

  • Horwich Prize Medal Morris Men
  • Star and Shadow
  • Bampton Traditional Morris Men
  • Rochester Sweeps
  • Fools Gambit
  • Redcar Longsword
  • The Newcastle Kingsmen
  • Bradshaw Mummers
  • Toby Bennett
  • Platt Bridge Morris Dancers
  • John Gasson Double Jig Winners

There’s still a couple to pin down and one act that we’re not going to tell you about in advance. Simply because they’re very special! And because Phil Heaton is such a tease.

ticketDoors open at 5:30pm with the show starting at 6:30pm. Tickets will be priced at £18 and £13 concessions (under 16s, UB40, carers, senior citizens, etc). Please be honest when buying your tickets, we may ask you to provide evidence that you are entitled to purchase tickets at a concessionary rate. Patron’s entrance time is 5:00pm

Tickets are now on sale today, December 1st. Please be aware that Patrons are the only ticket types that have a guaranteed seat, so do make sure to buy your ticket early and ensure that you’re in the queue on the night in good time. We expect some standing room only.

You can click here to buy a ticket – http://www.dancingengland.co.uk/tickets/

Sheffield City Hall has good facilities and access for people with a disability; lifts to all floors, accessible toilets on every level and hearing loops in the auditoriums. Guidance dogs are also welcome in the building. If you will need assistance at the venue please do get in touch when you book your tickets.

We look forward to putting on a great show and seeing you there on the night.

Until next time.