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Help! Ancient and mouldering photographic evidence needed to swell the Dancing England archives.

Dancing England poster 1980

artwork by Rick Scollins

Well, after less than 24 hours, we have 215 Facebook page Likes and 1200 page views on the website. An awesome start, thanks for being a part of it.

Right. Our first request of you guys and gals. If you search the old t’interweb for Dancing England, you’ll find that there’s not a massive amount out there. I spent a lot of time gleaning the odd reference and image from the recesses of the web, and what I’ve put on here and on the Wikipedia page is about it.

Therefore, we need images and photographs to bolster our slim pickings and add to the old archives. If you have any photographs from 1979 to 1987, or in fact from Daughter of Dancing England 1993, then please either;

Email them to hello@dancingengland.co.uk or upload them to the Dancing England Facebook page. You could tweet them as well, if of course you’re that way inclined! What we will need is as much information about the photo as possible; what team dancing and what year etc. But most important of all, who took the photograph and to whom it should be credited.

If, by heavens above you have any video or ye olde cine film (ahem), then why not upload to YouTube and send us the link? You might need some sooper dooper software for the first bit.

As always, please Like and Share!

Until next time