Support is flooding in for a rebooted Dancing England. Have we done the right thing then?

Dancing England poster 1979

artwork by Rick Scollins

Well, the floodgates are well and truly open. It appears that Dancing England holds firm in the hearts of traditional dancers and musicians everywhere. Thank you.

It certainly does in mine and I was 5 years old in 1979, my dad (Roy Dyson) was the ceilidh caller that year!

We’ve had more than 100 Likes on Facebook in less than 12 hours! That’s an awesome start, thank you. Please do invite your traditional dance friends and contacts to Like the Facebook Page.

Eddie Worrall (incoming Squire of the Morris Ring) got in touch with this:

“In the UK we have a healthy thriving Morris scene, however there are important issues that we all face; recruitment, retention, dancing quality and moving our traditions forward. Seeing a rebooted show like Dancing England would firmly put Morris on the map, this event would be supported by the Ring”.

There’s a Dancing England Twitter account and on there the Seven Champions said “Looks like a great way to get our 40th birthday year rolling, glad to have you back”. Cheeky.

Greenwich Morris Men tweeted: “Welcome back after all these years. Used to get a minibus up to DE for the weekend. Happy days”.

Saddleworth Morris added “Good stuff!”

Simon Furey on Facebook said: “About time, too! Long overdue. Well done all of you working hard on this”.

Aidley's Morris Dancing England 1986

Aidley’s Morris Dancing England 1986 (L. Sullivan)

Katy Spicer, EDFSS Chief Executive, sent us a note of support:

“The revival of this event for morris and sword dance, Dancing England, will provide a great opportunity to positively profile folk dance.  It will be wonderful to give a showcase platform for the many excellent dancers throughout England who keep these dances alive, and by seeing quality performances we will encourage more people to get involved and maintain these important traditions. “

As we get messages of support, we’ll post them here on the website.

Please remember; Liking is good, but Sharing is better.

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