People are supporting Dancing England 2019, our Patrons and Supporters are 26% of the way there

Platt Bridge (John Dowell)

We’re just two weeks into the fundraising for Dancing England 2019, with another two weeks to go.

Platt Bridge (John Dowell)

Some lovely lovely people have committed £650 towards our target of £2500, that’s 26% of the the way there. Thank you.

If you chose to be a Patron of Dancing England, the Perk costs £40 and for that you get your ticket, early entry into the event, a complimentary poster and programme, a special mention in the programme, and our eternal and undying thanks. The cash value within the £40 is about £30, so basically you’re getting your ticket early and the merchandise with a small extra contribution to help fund the set-up.

If you wanted to be a Supporter, the suggested contribution is £10 and for this you get the same heart-felt love and a special mention in the programme.

If you would like to help out then please click this link –

So far our Patrons are as follows;

  • Janet Dowling
  • Celia Dyson
  • Tony Roberts
  • Duncan Broomhead
  • Anonymous
  • Indiegogo (We know who you are, thank you)
  • Val Chadwick
  • Pat Lee
  • PJMSeahorse
  • John Shaw
  • Sally Wearing
  • Anonymous
  • MWJ
  • AJG02
  • Jill Timms and timmsy46

Thank you, your support is very much appreciated.

In other news, we’ve applied for some funding from the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation, have approached various organisations for support, and have received confirmations from two very special dance teams. More to be announced on these and other teams in due course, we’re also very excited about the potential Carnival Morris team that we’ve invited for 2019. They rock.

Plenty more to come, until next time then;

Edwin, Phil, Arwen, Eilidh, Leddy, and Pikey

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