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Aidley's Morris at Dancing England 1986

Aidley’s Morris at Dancing England 1986 (L. Sullivan)


After 30 long and dry years Dancing England will be reborn in 2017. To run with the same highest possible standards, we need some financial support.

Would you please consider being a Patron of Dancing England?

The cost is £40 and in return you’ll get 1 guaranteed ticket, early entry and one of the best seats in the house, plus some public recognition and a free programme. You’ll also know that you’ve helped this much-missed institution rise again, and enabled this unique cultural Showcase to take place. Thank you for your support.

Dancing England poster 1987

artwork by Rick Scollins

You can become a Patron or Supporter of Dancing England by following this link – https//

The above is a legitimate link, secure and you can contribute using a credit card or PayPal

If you weren’t sure of becoming a Patron you could also help out by funding us to the tune of £10 and become a Supporter of Dancing England, the link is as above.

Alternatively, you could help us by Sharing, Liking and Retweeting our messages and material.

Thank you so much for your support.


Patrons of Dancing England

  • Martin Hanley
  • John Shaw
  • Janet Dowling – website
  • Trish Bater
  • Steve Spencer-Jowett
  • Celia Dyson
  • John Garner
  • Alan Green
  • Kevin Holland
  • Bob Wilson
  • Val Chadwick
  • Thomas Shaw
  • Eddie Worrall
  • M Dawson
  • Roy Dyson
  • Anonymous
  • A Finch
  • Robert Traves
  • Catherine Marshall
  • Jerry Elsmore
  • Jenny Everett
  • Mike Everett
  • David Ledsam
  • Chris Cartridge
  • Sally Wearing
  • Kev Theaker
  • Keith Thompson
  • Jenny Rudge
  • Selam Adamu
  • Duncan Broomhead
  • Dan Freeman
  • Mike & Mary Wilson-Jones
  • Ryknild Rapper
  • Dave & Carole Hislop
  • Lord Conyers Morris Men
  • Graham Lee
  • sonneur37
  • Amy O’Brien
  • Sue Rutland
  • Donna Andrews
  • Tina and John Powell
  • Ron Day
  • Chris Rudd
  • Jill Timms
  • David Timms
  • Ken Watson
  • Trina McKendrick
  • Richard Mellish
  • Derek Schofield
  • Pat Bushaway
  • Melanie Barber
  • Lindenbaum

Supporters of Dancing England

  • Christine Sexton
  • pjmseahorse
  • Ian Campbell
  • Jocelyn
  • Andy Terry
  • Paul Woodhead
  • Anonymous
  • Lesley Plowman
  • Brian Pearce
  • Charlotte Robinson
  • Eilidh Brinsley
  • Clair & Ken Simpson
  • Anonymous
  • John
  • Anne-Marie Martin
  • Lysbeth Evans
  • Jen Carreg
  • Carolinne White
  • Doc Rowe