One day left to fund raise, Carnival and Cloggers acts announced

Orcadia Morris dancers

There’s just one day left to help Dancing England by becoming a Patron or Supporter.

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All funds raised go towards deposits, publicity costs, and generally to help the event happen. All support is acknowledged on the website and in the programme. If you become a Patron then you receive eternal thanks, your ticket, early entry, a free poster and programme. Supporters are eternally thanked and are mentioned in the programme. Any help you could give would be much appreciated.

Orcadia Morris dancersOrcadia Morris Dancers are our Carnival Morris team for 2019, and they hail from Skelmersdale in West Lancashire. Platt Bridge Morris were 2017’s Carnival Morris team, and did they surprise the audience with their precise tip toe stepping and their tight lines?

Yes they did, and it was patently obvious where their tradition came from; North West. At some point in the past, Carnival went one way and North West another, but happily we’ll have both at Dancing England 2019.

Lancashire WallopersCloggers in 2019 are represented by The Lancashire Wallopers. The team was originally formed in 1981 by students of the legendary clog dancer and music hall entertainer Sam Sherry. The purpose of their formation was a one off performance at the National Gathering at Cecil Sharp House of the bargees social dance taught to them by Bill Gibbons. They continue to perform traditional clog routines based on the steps of Sam Sherry and other famous clog dancers from the north of England.

More teams and announcements to come, speak soon.

Edwin, Arwen, Phil, Eilidh, Kevin

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