Four days and just 35 tickets left for Dancing England 2017. Plus some news on Doc Rowe.

Rev. Ken Loveless

image taken by Doc Rowe

Afternoon all.

Yes, just four more days to go until Dancing England rises again. It’s a bit full on at the moment as you can imagine, with the coffee percolator on constantly and Phil’s in charge of the regular runs to the corner shop for Hobnobs.

It’s looking like standing room only soon, we’ve just 35 tickets left for the show. It would be awesome if we could sell out, really would. And then we can see about a Dancing England 2018. Your link to tickets is JUST HERE.

That fine upstanding gentleman, Doc Rowe, has just come up trumps with a suite of evocative images from the original Dancing England run 1979 to 1987. They’ve been posted on our Facebook Page, please do go and visit. Some favourites are on there; Rev. Ken Loveless smoking a pipe, the Straw Bear, The Dancing Butchers of Nottingham, Eynsham, Silurian, and lots more.

Doc Rowe

from his Facebook page

We’re also supporting the Doc Rowe Archive and Collection at Dancing England as we’re splitting our raffle with them. Since the sixties, Doc Rowe has been recording and filming cultural tradition and vernacular arts, folklore, song and dance of Britain and Ireland.

There’s a campaign afoot to raise funds to enable the Collection to raise it’s profile and demonstrate how vital a resource it is for our understanding of our cultural heritage and identity.

See you on Saturday!

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  1. We’d like 3 tickets, please – 1 child and 2 adults, it sounds amazing. Are there any dance workshops?

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