Deposits paid, venue booked, teams confirmed. Fundraising still going on.

Whip the Cat

Apologies that it’s been a while in posting. So much to do in terms of organising things. Thank you for your patience.

Thank you so much to the first tranche of Patrons and Supporters, you’ve enabled the venue deposits to be paid and the event to go ahead.

We’re going to be on stage at the Nottingham Playhouse on Saturday 26th January 2019. Yes, on a stage. With proper lighting and more! We’re very much looking forward to delivering

We can also confirm the first two teams / acts for you;

Whip the CatAt the Sheffield Dancing England Rapper Tournament (unconnected to this event, but do read the Wikipedia page to learn more) in 2018, women’s rapper teams came not just first, but second, and third.

A momentous event, and we’re lucky to have confirmed the overall winner Whip the Cat as one of our rapper teams to dance on stage at the Playhouse.

If we ask them nicely, they might perform their DERT-winning dance!

Moving from The North-East tradition of dancing with swords, towards the Cotswolds and the tradition of morris. In particular, the morris jig. Traditionally performed by the younger and sprightlier members of the side, to basically show off, the jig is usually performed by one or two dancers.

The John Gasson Jig Competition, recently held at Sidmouth Folk Week, normally throws up several excellent jiggers. This year, a young chap by the name of Toby Melville did very well, so we asked him and his musician father (a fabulous jigger in his formative years) if they would like to perform in 2019. Happily for us, they agreed.

Thanks to Mad Jacks Morris for the following video

Toby Melville and Ollie Simons played for by Jon Melville – Princess Royal

We’re still fundraising and still in need of kind and benevolent sorts to be a Patron or Supporter. If you could consider such support, we would be very grateful. A clickable link is below.

Until next time.

Edwin, Phil, Arwen, Kevin, and Eilidh

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