A Statement on a Recent Article

Folk Against Fascism

Dancing England absolutely and forcibly rejects any attempt to hijack English Dance traditions by any so-called ‘patriots’ with a racist, nationalist, or Katie Hopkins-style agenda.

Like many others in our community, we have seen a recent article inciting hate-filled and tiny-minded bigots to infiltrate morris teams as a vehicle to spread a vile and false notion of anti-Englishness and white supremacy amongst communities.

We hope all our followers and audiences past and future stand with us in total intolerance and abhorrence of racism, and support us in working towards an inclusive, welcoming, equitable and safe environment for all participants and audiences of traditional English dance, and all forms of folk music and dance in the UK.

Since the first event in 1979 and during the recent reboots, Dancing England has come from a position of investigation and education, inviting the questioning and discussion about our traditional performances. Did we originate or assimilate them? Where did they come from and what journeys have they been on? Where is the line that delineates the beginning of ‘tradition’ and how has that been shaped by societal developments?

Whatever the answers to those questions, it is a tradition in itself that things must, and always will, change and evolve.

Folk Against Fascism

Pic credit – David Owen for this Guthrie-inspired guitar. http://folkagainstfascism.blogspot.com/

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